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1mo Congresso Internazionale di Osteopatia a Barcellona

Organizzato da:

Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona

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Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona

29/05/2008 WORKSHOPS

- Connective tissue

Dr.Alfonso Rodríguez

- Integrative osteopathic technique

Laurie Hartman

- Healthy pregnancy

Averille Morgan

- Osteopath-patient: a partnership as interface

Bruno Ducoux

- An exploration of A.T.Still 's word ' man is a triune ' and

how this reality influence our osteopathic approach

to the treatment of children

Sue Turner

- Somatic dysfunction-from fluids to bone : implications for

diagnosis and treatment

Christian Fossum

30/05/2008 WORKSHOPS

- Unity and diversity

Renzo Molinari

- Genital tissular memory and its transmission in

the descendant with the intrapelvic osteopathy

Christine Michel

- Ppresence, perception and level of consciousness

Bernard Daraillans

- How to work with the difference of the pressure

between the visceral compartments

Franz Buset

- Palpatory experience of fields and levels

Gez Lamb

31/05/2008 CONFERENCE

- Adrian Barnes, DO
Title: Art or science, can reflection cast a light?

- Franz Buzet, DO

Title: Biomechanics analysis of the anterior neck,

thorax and digestive track

- Christian Fossum, DO

Title: Osteopathic research: past, present, and future

- Gez Lamb, DO

Title: Palpatory experience of fields and levels

- Renzo Molinari, DO

Title: Unity and diversity

- Alfonso Rodriguez, Dr

Title: Connective tissue

- Christine Michel Schweitzer, DO

Title: Genital tissular memory and its transmissions

in the descendant with the intrapelvic osteopathy

- Sue Turner , DO

Title: Thoughts on the first breath

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