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OSTEO-ITALIA: l'eccellenza dell'osteopatia a Siena

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Osteopathy in paediatrics

Organizzato da:

Escola d'Osteopatia de Barcelona

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Escola d'Osteopatia de Barcelona
16-17-18-19 aprile 2010
Bruno Ducoux - Laure Beustes
€450,00 + IVA

Newborn’s embryology and the intrauterous and psychomotor development.
The pregnancy and labour tensions in the new born, and the effect of the osteopathic dysfunctions in them.

Understanding and to the newborn: the different studied systems and links will be:

  • neuro-endocrine system (with the organism adaptation to face stress)  respiratory system and ORL
  •  digestive system
  • elimination system
  • el sensory system

 At an osteopathic diagnosis and treatment level:

  • Historical and philosophic bases
  • Paediatric specificities

 The osteopathic treatment principles applied in paediatrics:

  • the specific paediatric approahments
  • the intra-ossis approachments
  • the embryonary motility approachments
  •  the vibrator fulcrum
  • the midline and the symmetry
  • the neutral point as the beginning of the real treatment
  • the Still Point and the illumination moment during conception
  • How to perceive and develop the “felt sense” in oneself practice and with newborn babies.
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