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Advanced Visceral Osteopathy - Part 1

Organizzato da:

The Institute of Osteopathic Studies

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The Institute of Osteopathic Studies
Franz Buset
Ios Palace Hotel

This four day course is the first part of a 8-day course.

It represents the clinical synthesis of the work Franz Buset developed in the last 25 years in his clinical practice and his researchers in dissection. The course is guiding the delgates from the analysis of visceral anatomy and its relationship with musculo skeletal framework.

Franz will describe the gliding surfaces, their influence on the postural control and the dynamics of the body.

Their close relationship with skeletal structures will be analysed and their functional and physiological role will be highlighted: the fundamental dynamic element relates to the difference of pressure between the different visceral compartments.

The course is logically divided to allow the analysis and clinical approach of every visceral organ or area.

The tests and techniques demonstrated and practiced will allow the delegates to apply them immediately in their clinics.

This first part of the course will focus on the anterior neck, thorax and digestive track.

The two parts can be taken one after the other or as seperate units

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Ios Palace Hotel
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