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Organizzato da:

Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona

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Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona
Roger Brown, DO.
Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1

This is a very practical course exploring and redefining the links between osteopathic theory, technique and practice.
The majority of the 3 days is spent in practical work aimed at developing accuracy in our manual technique, and showing how manipulation blends with cranial and functional techniques to help influence health at all levels.

Struttura del corso:

Analysis: of manipulative techniques to increase our accuracy and understanding of their applications,

Synthesis: of what osteopathic theory tells us with what we actually find and do in practice, and

Integration: the development and use of accurate manipulation in a practical and cohesive treatment approach

- The development of accuracy in manipulation by analysis and variation in contacts and position

- The development and practice of requisite techniques

- achieving accuracy by intention and the awareness of the significance of the lesion to function

- Exploration of the links between manipulation and cranial and functional techniques

- The theoretical and philosophic background to this approach, including a history of people and ideas

- Case histories to illustrate aetiology

Obiettivi :

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

- apply manipulative technique more accurately and more appropriately to the patients’ total lesion,

- Increase their awareness of the links between manipulative and functional techniques to create a more rounded and effective approach in practice,

- Review existing patients - and prepare to evaluate new patients – with greater awareness and confidence.

Per maggiori informazioni www.eobosteopatia.com

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||Sede del corso:
Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1
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