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COR Osteopathy postgraduate

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Chronic Pelvic Pain and Osteopathic Integrated Approach

Organizzato da:

The Institute of Osteopathic Studies

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The Institute of Osteopathic Studies
Renzo Molinari
Ios Palace Hotel

These 4-day seminar will present the practical and clinical synthesis of many years of practice in this specific field.

Pelvic pain can relate to muscolo-skeletal factors, visceral factors and can have different proeminent aspects (neurological, muscular, connective psycho-emotional etc).

A better understanding of the biomechanical physiology of the lumbo-pelvic area integrated with the knowledge of the inner organisation of the pelvis allows a deeper understanding of the long term problems patients are sometimes experiencing.

This 4 days will be clinically based analysing specific (real) cases male and female and will allow the delegates to enrich their practical experience with techniques either classical or developed by Renzo Molinari during his collaboration with specialised hospital units.

This workshop will also integrate the lumbo-pelvic area in the general economy of the whole body.

The limited number of participants will allow a fuller experience to every participant.

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Ios Palace Hotel
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