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Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona

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Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona
Jon Parsons, DO.
Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1

From the earliest writings of Andrew Taylor Still it can be noted that Holism and ‘Vis Medicatrix Naturae’, (the self healing nature of the body) are fundamental concepts within osteopathic philosophy and practice.
From his founding of osteopathy in 1874 the understanding of the processes behind these principles has become progressively more understood.
The Cartesian duality that has informed science and medicine for nearly four hundred years is slowly being challenged. Not only are the mind and body being ‘put back together’ again, but so too are the systems.
The developing field of psychoneuroimmunology explores the interactions between the psyche, the nervous system and the immune system, reuniting these previously conceived separate elements into a complex bi-directional communication system ensuring a coordinated response the defense of the body and maintenance of homeostasis.

The body is now being perceived as a continuum from sub atomic particles through to the body whole (sub atomic particles, atoms, molecules, macromolecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, systems, body).
Several researchers have tried to take this continuum concept and unite it with the non-Newtonian mechanical model of tensegrity proposed by Buckminster Fuller and Kenneth Snelson.

Tensegrity offers a totally novel way of perceiving the structure and function of the human form. It gives the most pragmatic of individuals a sound non-theistic rational for the self healing nature of the body.
And to those who are happy to more flexible in their thinking, it offers a multitude of conceptual models from a rationale for the action of some of the more ‘subtle’ therapies to a possible alternate communication system to that of the nervous system.

Contenuti :

This lecture will explore these and other developing concepts in relation to osteopathy.

It will attempt to develop the theme from their direct application to the fundamental unit of osteopathic practice, the somatic dysfunction or osteopathic lesion. It will then consider the whole body biomechanical applications of tensegrity in contrast with the Newtonian biomechanical models currently used. Then reflect on the less tangible aspects of osteopathy such as psycho emotional considerations, our function in society and our position within ‘medical practice’ as a whole.

This will be largely a theoretical course attempting to stimulate practitioners to reflect on and to extend their conceptual boundaries.
Active discussion will be encouraged within the course and where appropriate some of the concepts may be illustrated by group practical sessions

Per maggiori informazioni www.eobosteopatia.com

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Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1
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