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COR Osteopathy postgraduate

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Seeking Health Through the Myofascial System

Organizzato da:

The Institute of Osteopathic Studies

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The Institute of Osteopathic Studies
Michael Louis Kuchera
Ios Palace Hotel

This course will incorporate lectures and hands-on workshops to provide a comprehensive and osteopathically-integrated approach to the use of the myofascial system in clinical diagnosis and treatment.

The course will introduce new and expanded understandings drawn from a number of important clinical models and then integrate these key features into a comprehensive osteopathic perspective.
Pertinent models underlying the foundations of this course include the following:

Zink’s Fascial Patterning & Respiratory-Circulatory Model

Primary & Secondary Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction (Travell & Simons)

Chapman’s Reflexes, Related Viscerosomatic & Somatovisceral Reflexes, and Systemic-Homeostatic Model

Postural Decompensation and Gravitational Strain Pathophysiology

While treatment goals are more important than technique, examples of the modalities integrated in the workshop portions of this course include:

Ruddy Resistive Duction & Various Muscle Energy OMT Techniques

Myofascial Vapocoolant Spray & Stretch; Soft Tissue OMT

High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude OMT

Balance Ligamentous Tension, Myofascial Release, Counterstrain OMT

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

Reflex & Collateral Ganglion OMT Techniques

Homeostatic Support OMT including Various Lymphatic/Immune Pumps

Dr. Kuchera will integrate the current evidence-base for the approach with practical clinical and treatment pearls drawn from over 25 years experience

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Ios Palace Hotel
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