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Specific Adjusting technique (SAT). 1° Livello

Organizzato da:

Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona

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Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona
Gez Lamb, DO
Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1

To present the concepts, ideals and practice of Specific Adjusting Technique (SAT) as exemplified in the work of Mr. Tom Dummer D.O. and Mr. Gez Lamb D.O.

To introduce the involuntary mechanism approach within the SAT concept and philosophy.

At the end of the course the student will have learned and practiced

A practical application of the Littlejohn mechanics for an appreciation of the relationships between pivots and curves

The specific and minimal treatment approach

How to experiment with different modes of observation and perception to obtain an overall assessment

To develop a procedure of observation and analysis of the hip drop test

The triunity diagnostic routine for selection of the primary or priority lesion

To develop a short form assessment from the triunity diagnostic routine

The sacral toggle technique for the resolution of primary pelvic lesions

To explore the concepts of positional lesions, choosing the segment and performing the adjustment

The ‘floating-field’ concept to correct traumatically induced positional lesions

X-Ray diagnosis of positional lesions

The motility assessment of osteopathic lesion components and as an indicator of the body’s preference for change

The SAT principles of treatment of each area of the spine, pelvis and pivots to ensure an accurate resolution of the vectors contained in the lesion

To experiment with Body Articulating Technique (BAT) or General Osteopathic Technique (GOT) with specific reference to the primary lesion

An introduction to the ‘tissue field’ diagnosis with a view to making treatment more field specific

A consideration of the treatment and resolution of shock as a necessary adjunct for successful treatment.

The course will have a high practical element to enable the participants to gain as much supervised practice as possible. Participants will be guided through a series of palpatory skills and the exploration of centring exercises. They will be asked to work with colleagues on problem-solving solutions. They will be guided on experiencing the skills with a free mind. The involvement of participants in their own evolution will be fundamental to the success of the seminar.

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Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1
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