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The Encephalon dynamiques.

Organizzato da:

The Institute of Osteopathic Studies

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The Institute of Osteopathic Studies
Philippe Druelle DO
Imperial College - South Kensington

A unique and rare opportunity to study and work with Philippe Druelle in London. Philippe has build up an International reputation during the last 28 years with his work on the Encephalon and the endocranial problems resulting from direct or indirect structural or emotional traumas.
Numerous dysfunctions and chronic pains are the direct consequences of these troubles. He is offering a course that will directly allow the delegates to evolve in their practice.


Neuronal Plasticity.

Presentation of the different researches performed at the Russian Academy of Science, Department of Evolutive Physiology and Biochemistry. St. Petersbourg, and at the "Collège d'études Ostéopathiques", Montreal, Canada

Normal mobility of the brain ,cerebellum and ventricules.

Biodynamics of the Encephalon

Palpation ,evaluation and treatment of different endocranial areas

Evaluation and treatment following whiplash injuries ,emotional traumas

Detailed and rational analysis of different concepts as Biodynamics, Breath of life ,Potency…

Clinical cases and analysis of clinical outcomes.

This course will alternate theory and practical workshops to ensure that delegates can apply immediately in practice what they have learnt.the feedback of this course has been exceptional in the USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, Canada… for the content and the presentation skills demonstrated by Philippe Druelle.

Prof Renzo Molinari, 12 A Thurloe Street, London SW7 2ST, United Kingdom

Tel: 0771 2527646

Email: renzo.molinari@gmail.com
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