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The pratical synthesis of clinical applications of painful and difficult cases

Organizzato da:

Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona

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Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona
Renzo Molinari, DO.
Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1

The program will start by looking at the practitioner and we went from basic perception of breathing to perception of sensations, then tissular tensions, from that we will look at the expression of unconscious and spontaneous mobility in the body.

The aim is to focus the practitioner, before looking at the patient. Different chronic cases will be presented, and a very integrated way of looking at the body to treat will be explained.

In this course Renzo Molinari will present an applied synthesis from his 30 years in Osteopathy. This will include:

-How to approach the patient?

-Where to start and how to organise the treatment

-Which technical modality to select

These are challenging questions, even for the most experienced practitioner.

Renzo will explain his understanding of the body, basing his lecture on traditional Osteopathy. He will also incorporate modern theories that will help appreciate the body as an intelligent global organisation. This approach will enable the delegates to apply a coherent and logical treatment plan in every day practice.

One of the key objectives of osteopathic treatment is to balance the different pressure compartments of the body. The practical workshops will present gentle osteo articular, myofascial, visceral (original) and fluidic techniques

Per maggiori informazioni www.eobosteopatia.com

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||Sede del corso:
Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1
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