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Organizzato da:

Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona

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Fundació Escola d’Osteopatia de Barcelona
Bruno Ducoux, DO
Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1

We suggest you follow the way of osteopathy from the anatomy, from the visualization and the observation of nature.

A.T.Still elaborated an original therapy in harmony with the laws of universal health (and not based upon the search of the illness) extending our conscience.

Thanks to the visualization and knowledge of oneself, the perceptions of the hand are extended in a global approach of the person, of its inner therapeutic and the universe.

In this way of health, we suggest to go deeper and extend the research that our first-born suggested. In this practical course we will suggest that you use the nature, the embryology, the neurovegetativ system, the fulcrums...

The Still Point is the interfase, the point from which the real treatment comes and that allows to have access to the heart of the patient. It is a new breathing that provides information and it is the support of a system of waves that presents its rhythms, amplitudes, qualities linked with the time and the space.

Our conscience is focused on a way to health that has been suggested by A.T Still, W.G Sutherland, R:Becker, R.Fulford: it is the way of osteopathy.

Progression of the course:

Evolution of the techniques and concepts, movement and change, the vitality: John Martin Littlejon DO, to become ill, the emotional answers the tissue memory the embryology and the embryological fields, the cranium, fetus and memories, the tensions and memories, the birth, the diaphragms, the fascias, the patients examination, the visualization/integration in the cortex, the mental level, life, the centre, the circulatory/respiratory model, Still Point, the path of the heart.
Per maggiori informazioni www.eobosteopatia.com

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||Sede del corso:
Rambla Sant Just 6, Local 1
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